Moving computers, back-up or transfer files, set-up a new computer, etc.?

Complete the Tech Services Request Form & Call Technology Services – Tracy Gray x3550

Project Planning

Technology Services is committed to helping you or your department effectively use technology on campus. In order to accomplish this in the most efficient manner possible, you are encouraged to consult with us on any technology dependent initiatives you may be planning. Our limited resources will be most effectively used when cooperative planning and pre-implementation troubleshooting can occur prior to the arrival of your hardware or software. Projects such as preparing classrooms with specialized software (or special configurations of existing software), moving multiple computers on campus, purchasing and installing new computers, etc., can be handled most effectively when our department and yours are working together to prepare and implement your initiative. If you are planning any kind of technology initiative please call Wayne Bogh (ext. 3309)

Requesting Help

Please see the Who to Call FAQ to help you decide who the best person to contact about your needs. Click here to go to that page.