Can you fix my personal home computer or laptop?

No. We cannot use district resources or time to fix personal equipment.
When we are aware of reputable individuals or repair shops with the expertise to address your problem, Technology Services will be happy to direct to you to those vendors upon request.

Computer won't function at all

Call Technology Services - ext. 3550, x3309, or x3554

Computer isn't working correctly (no network connection, no email, MSWord won't load, can't print, etc)

Help Desk: On Campus x4357, off campus (877) 241-1756

My area needs a new computer, how can I get one?

There are two ways to get a new computer into an area that needs it:

  1. Your dept. chair can let us know that funds are available for the purchase on the next computer buy.
  2. A request moves its way up until a V.P. requests that a new computer in an area is needed ...which we would then consider on the next computer buy. Typically, indication of the need for the computer must be a part of your area's annual planning process and be included in your annual plan.

I am getting a new computer and would like to know if my old computer could be placed elsewhere in my area?

Generally, the answer is no. Except under the most rare circumstances ALL computers removed from service are removed completely. Technology Services, in consultation with the President, makes all determinations regarding any recycling of computers on the campus.