The Professional Development Committee provides supports and development opportunities to all employees of the college, which allows them to continue to learn and to develop and update their skills. Faculty on the committee also serve as the college’s Flex Advisory Committee, which reviews flex reports submitted by flex-eligible full-time faculty. The Professional Development Committee meets twice per month.


Faculty, classified staff and management are represented on the committee.

Term: One Year (for appointees)


CHC employees now have access to a Professional Development library of over 100 titles related to professional, personal, and organizational development, located in the new Teaching and Learning Center, located in LRC 107. Employees also now have access to a complete listing of the titles in the PD library, including breakdown by type (see Tags), as well as pictures of the volumes’ covers (see Covers).

Electronic Resources


CHC employees now have access to Online Training Library, a comprehensive collection of video tutorials and online courses on a variety of software and design topics. 

The Lynda Online Training Library allows you to learn at your own pace, whenever you want, as often as you want.

– Stay current and keep skills sharp
– Learn innovative and productive techniques
– Access over 930 online courses, 24/7
– Learn from experienced instructors
– Gain confidence and marketability
– Learn at your own pace: Stop, rewind, replay 

For more information, including free demos, go to

  • Other Online Resources

    The CHC Professional Development Committee also invites faculty and staff to access over 100 links to other educational resources.