Toward the goal of ensuring the effectiveness of our distance education program, Crafton Hills College has adopted a process for the certification of faculty to teach in the online environment. Instructors interested in teaching online/hybrid courses should:

  1. Complete an Intent to Teach form. On this form, the instructor should document their training, professional development and experience which has prepared them to teach online. This form should be returned to the faculty chair who, upon endorsement of the department, will then forward it on to the Educational Technology Committee (ETC) for approval.
  2. The instructor’s readiness to teach online will also be evaluated by a faculty member of the ETC committee through an online readiness quiz and hands-on skills demonstration. Upon certification, the instructor will be added to the list of instructors who are eligible to teach online/hybrid courses.
  3. Once a faculty member has been certified to teach online, the next step of the approval process involves “matching” an instructor with an approved course. This requires the instructor provide no less than two weeks of online content for evaluation by the ETC. A checklist of the criteria by which the course material is evaluated is provided.

No course or instructor will be scheduled until the DE Addendum of the course has been approved, the instructor has been certified and the instructor has been matched to the appropriate course.