Crafton IRB Approved Research Projects

Term Approved Title Brief Description Current Status 
Fall 2015 Examining Moderating Effects of Social Support on PTSD The purpose of this non-experimental, cross-sectional, quantitative survey study is to examine whether, after controlling for covariates including attachment style, gender, life stress, SES, peritraumatic dissociation, and peritraumatic distress, total, cognitive, or affective empathy moderate the relationship between PSS and PTSD symptom severity in a sample of community college students who have experienced an event described in PTSD Criterion A and meet the diagnostic criteria for PTSD.  
Spring 2014
Educational Mobile Application
The purpose of this study is to identify key challenges and issues in using an instructional design model to guide the instructional development of a model app.
Spring 2014
Budget Makers and Approvers
The purpose of the study is to understand the thoughts and philosophies that drive the makers and approvers of the budget (see results of study, Bender, 2014). 
Summer 2014
Transfer Experience of Latina/o Community College Students
The purpose of this two-phase, sequential mixed methods study will be to examine the relationship between faculty-student interactions and transfer success for Latina/o students.