The Crafton Council serves as the shared governance body of the campus. Its charge is to oversee issues related to accreditation; to integrate college plans and to serve as the advisory body to the President on issues of planning and program review and the relationship to resource allocation. The Crafton Council meets bi-monthly.


The Crafton Council is the central deliberative collegial consultation body at Crafton Hills College. Its fundamental purposes are providing information, facilitating communication, and solving problems related to shared governance. The primary functions of the Crafton Council are as follows:

  1. Function as a clearing house for potential or actual shared-governance issues.
  2. Provide information to and model best practices for shared-governance committees.
  3. Serve as a forum for discussion of the progress of identified shared-governance committees that report to it.
  4. Assume oversight and maintenance of the CHC Organizational Handbook.
  5. Monitor Policies and Administrative Regulations related to shared governance, and recommend modifications thereof, or new Policies or Administrative Regulations, as needed.
  6. Coordinate the systematic evaluation of governance and administrative structures, processes, and services.
  7. Recommend resolutions of or guidelines on larger shared-governance questions at CHC.
  8. Coordinate campus training in shared-governance principles and practice.
  9. Promote integration of plans by monitoring alignment among them, and recommending corrective action when necessary.
  10. Crafton Council relies on research, evidence-based decision making and the results of learning assessments to inform planning and decision making.
  11. Forwards revisions of the College Mission, Vision, and Values to the Board of Trustees for review and approval, and determines an appropriate implementation date.


  • President
  • President, Academic Senate
  • Vice President, Academic Senate
  • President, Classified Senate
  • CSEA Representative
  • CTA Representative
  • President, Student Senate
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Vice President of Instruction
  • Vice President of Administrative Services
  • The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning serves as a resource person as needed.

Term:  Assignments are made by institutional role, hence there is no specific term.