Membership: All permanent classified staff members are voting members of the Classified Senate.

Elected Representatives:

Executive Board 

President: Michelle Tinoco Admissions & Records 909-389-3369

Vice President: Kristin Garcia Admissions & Records 909-389-3367

Secretary: Veronica Lehman Financial Aid 909-389-3240

Treasurer: Ruby Zuniga Title V 909-389-3394

Public Information Officer: Cyndi Gundersen Research 909-389-3331


Unit 1: OPEN (EMS) OE 1, OE 2, Bookstore, Campus Police, Gym, Aquatics Center, SBRETC

Unit 2: OPEN (Custodial) Maintenance, Grounds, Custodial, Warehouse

Unit 3: Mary Bender (Biology) CNTL, CHS, NRTH 909-389-3344

Unit 4: OPEN (Theatre) PAC, LRC

Unit 5Steve Rush (Admissions & Records) CTB, SSB, WEST, Student Life, Cafeteria, CDC  909-389-3256

Unit 6: OPEN (Student Life, Cafeteria & CDC)