The benefit of an online or hybrid education courses is their flexibility. The fact that this course is offered at a distance makes it possible for highly motivated and well organized students to learn without the obligation of attending class on campus once, twice or three times a week. Having said that, online and hybrid courses require students be independent learners. “With great freedom comes great responsibility.” To succeed, you must demonstrate dedication, self-motivation, and the ability to work independently. Demonstrate concern for your performance throughout the course, not just during the last few weeks of the semester. Schedule several times each week which you will devote to this course, in the same way you attend a traditional class at the same time each week.

To find out if online learning is a good fit for your learning style, please take a few minutes to complete the student skills and technical skills quizzes below. These short quizzes will provide you with valuable feedback on whether online learning is right for you!

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