This Associate of Arts Degree is a preparatory program to teach in an Early Learning Environment such as Preschool. This degree can also assist elementary school teachers preparing for work in primary and intermediate grades.

A student receiving a degree in this field will be able to:

  • Integrate understanding of the needs, the characteristics and multiple influences on development of children birth to age eight as related to high-quality care and education of young children
  • Design, implement and evaluate environments and activities that support positive, development all play and learning outcomes for all young children
  • Apply effective guidance and interaction strategies that support all children's social learning, identity and self-confidence
  • Develop strategies that promote partnerships between programs, teachers, families and their communities
  • Demonstrate ethical standards and professional behaviors that deepen understanding, knowledge and commitment to the EC/CD profession

Please see the College Catalog for information and requirements.

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Faculty Chair: JoAnn Jones
Office:CDC 114