Radiologic Technologists work with physicians, radiologists and other health care professionals preparing patients for examinations and performing X-rays. They also operate, adjust, and maintain equipment used to show portions of the human body on X-ray film or fluoroscopic screens.

The Radiologic Technology Program is a hospital-based program. The program is 23 months in length. Students who complete the program curriculum will be eligible to take the examinations prepared by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and Radiologic Health Section of the California State Department of Health.

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Morris Hunter, Director

Course Listing / Semester Course Offerings

A program committee selects those best qualified students who have completed AH 090, Survey of Radiologic Technology, as well as other requirements for admission to the program.

Interested students looking for specifics on the program are directed to take AH 090.  Please visit to learn about specific program details.

We offer the following:

Please see the College Catalog for information and requirements.

Course Listing / Semester Course Offerings

Courses are available for students who have been selected for the Radiologic Technology program.


Faculty Chair: Brad Franklin
Office:CHS 131


Cynthia Bidney
Office:CHS 128