Welcome to the health and physical education web site. Our department offers a variety of classes that transfer and are associate degree applicable.

In physical education, our goal is to schedule activity classes that are fun and will inspire you to continue your participation beyond your experience at this college. We promote physical activity.

There is something in our department for everyone. Take a look at the list of course offerings we have:

  • Kickboxing/Tae Bo, and combination aerobics
  • Total body fitness
  • Weight training
  • Golf
  • Walking for fitness
  • Hip hop dance
  • Swing dance
  • Tennis
  • Pilates
  • Karate
  • Yoga

Our health department offers three classes that transfer to U.C./C.S.U (Health 102, 263, and 200). Consult the schedule of classes, or college catalog, for more information.

If you have questions about our department, please call Ralph Rabago (389-3279) or Dr. Janine Ledoux (389-3278).

Health and Physical Education encompasses the following disciplines:
    Faculty Co-chair:Janine Ledoux
    Faculty Co-chair:Ralph Rabago