Students enrolling in honors courses will complete the standard course requirements for the course class as well as honors requirements. Completion of honors courses will be designated on the student’s transcript with an “H.” Most courses have been accepted by the University of California and California State University systems and can be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Although not all can be offered every semester, the Honors courses currently offered include:
  • ANTHRO 102H: Cultural Anthropology—Honors 
  • ANTHRO 106H: Biological Anthropology—Honors
  • BIO 130H: Cell and Molecular Biology—Honors
  • COMMST 100H: Elements of Public Speaking—Honors
  • COMMST 111H: Interpersonal Communication—Honors
  • COMMST 120H: Oral Interpretation of Literature—Honors
  • ENGL 101H: Freshmen Composition—Honors
  • ENGL 102H: Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking—Honors
  • ENGL 155H: Children's Literature—Honors
  • GEOG 110H: Physical Geography—Honors
  • GEOG 111H: Physical Geography Lab—Honors
  • GEOL 100H: Physical Geology—Honors
  • GEOL 101H: Introduction to Geology—Honors
  • HIST 100H: History of the United States to 1877—Honors
  • HIST 101H: History of the United States 1865 to Present—Honors
  • HIST 170H: World Civilizations (3500 BCE – 1500 CE)—Honors
  • HIST 171H: World Civilizations (1500 CE to the Present)—Honors
  • MUSIC 120H: Appreciation of Music Literature—Honors
  • OCEAN 101H: Elements of Oceanography—Honors
  • PHIL 105H: Introduction to Ethics: Moral Values in Today’s Society—Honors
  • POLIT 100H: American Politics—Honors
  • PSYCH 100H: General Psychology—Honors
  • RELIG 100H: Introduction to Religious Studies—Honors
  • RELIG 101H: Introduction to World Religions—Honors
  • SOC 100H: Introduction to Sociology—Honors
  • THART 100H: Introduction to Theatre—Honors

For a complete description of these courses, please refer to the College Catalog.