In order to see a tutor, you may either make an appointment or walk in for help.

All appointments run for 30 minutes and begin on the hour and half-hour. Exceptions may be made at the tutor’s discretion.

To Make an Appointment:
  • All tutoring appointments must be made in person at the front desk of the Learning Center. The Tutoring Center staff member behind the desk will be happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment.
  • You may make up to two appointments per week, and only one per day. After that, we ask that you use our walk-in service which is subject to availability. We have this policy to try to ensure that all students needing help will be served. Exceptions may be made by talking to a tutor, a Tutoring Center staff member, or to the WC Coordinator.
  • Please arrive at appointments early. Upon arrival, log in at the Tutoring Center login computer by the front door and then go to the room in which your appointment is scheduled. Your tutor will be waiting for you. If you are not sure of the room number, someone at the front desk will be happy to help you. If your tutor is working with a student, please wait outside the tutoring room and do not interrupt them. The tutor will come get you at the appropriate time.
For Walking in Without an Appointment:
  • Students are welcome without appointments.
  • Log in at the Tutoring Center login computer by the front door and then put your name on the Writing Tutoring Walk-ins clipboard at the front desk. Then make yourself at home at a table and wait for your name to be called.
  • Walk-ins are taken on the hour and the half-hour.
  • Remember, appointments are highly recommended so you won’t have to wait!
  • Due to the high number of students needing tutoring, we cannot facilitate late appointments. If you are not present at the start time of your appointment, your appointment will be canceled and your time slot will be given to those waiting for walk-ins.
  • If you miss 2 appointments without notifying the Tutoring Center, you will need to speak with Robert Brown, the Tutoring Center Coordinator, to determine your eligibility for continued appointment tutoring.

Cancelling Appointments:
  • If you cannot keep a tutoring appointment, you must notify the Tutoring Center as soon as possible and at least one hour before your scheduled appointment. The front desk can be reached at 909-389-3312.
The Consultant's Responsibilities:
  • Being patient with you.
  • Not expecting you to know everything.
  • Working hard to help you understand.
The Student's Responsibilities:
  • Bring a copy of the assignment, rough drafts, notes and ideas.
  • Bring any textbooks related to the assignment.
  • Come to the conference prepared with an agenda, questions, problems, and areas to focus on, etc. Think through what you want to gain from the meeting before you come—you will learn more!
  • Handwritten drafts are much harder to work with than word-processed drafts—type it if you can.
  • Upon starting the conference, please explain in detail to the consultant what you hope to gain from the conference. This helps us help you.
Tips For Success:
  • Your paper is your responsibility, not the Writing Center’s. Don’t expect consultants to correct your papers for you, but expect to learn ways to proofread for your own mistakes.
  • Coming to the Writing Center and working with a tutor is not a substitute for doing your own work. You can expect to have to work hard if you come to the Writing Center, and sometimes you might work harder than you would have if you did not come to see us. This is not a bad thing.
  • Expect constructive criticism and suggestions for improving your paper. Everyone needs them, even professional writers.
  • Don’t ask the tutors what grade you will get. They have no idea. Grading is the sole responsibility of the professor, and a tutor can’t tell you what grade you might get on a paper. Tutors have nothing to do with grades, only helping you to become a better writer.
  • Take the initiative for your own paper and your conference. It will help you learn more and write better.
  • If you have a problem with advice a consultant gives you, talk to the Writing Center Coordinator, Jonathan Townsend. He may be reached by phone at 909-389-3453 or via email at