Located on the first floor of the Learning Resources Center in room 137, The Writing Center offers many services for both faculty and students.


We offer one-on-one discussions of students’ writing at any stage of the writing process and with any level of writer, from beginning to advanced. Instead of merely proofreading, we aim to engage the writer in discussion about their writing, being a tool that, through dialogue, enables the student to understand and grasp for themselves at what stage their writing is and what they must do to improve it. Grades have no relevance in the Writing Center. Our goal is not merely an “A” grade for a student on a particular paper, but rather their continuing progress as a good writer.

We can work with beginning writers to help them understand parts of speech and how they fit into a sentence. We can work with intermediate writers to discuss with them how they navigate the composition process. We can work with more advanced writers to discuss how to incorporate a certain tone or a convention of language to produce a desired effect.

We offer facilitation of study groups for English 914 so students can learn collaboratively with the help of a peer consultant if needed.

We offer a variety of writing workshops throughout each semester (see attached) to serve the student population by meeting the biggest writing and writing-related needs they have, not merely to aid them academically, but also to help them vocationally.


  • To engage writers in discussion about their own writing to enable them to understand and grasp for themselves how to produce excellent and sophisticated writing.
  • To offer excellent and challenging tutoring to SBCCD students.
  • To develop a firm pedagogical foundation for the Writing Center that is shared by the Writing Center, the administration, the English Department, and the Learning Center.
  • To offer students who work as peer consultants a thorough introduction to writing center pedagogy and general tutoring pedagogy in order to give them valuable and marketable skills they can use at university and graduate-level writing centers.
  • To serve the campus community and the larger community by developing good writers.
  • To better advertise our presence on campus so that more students will be able to take advantage of our services.

For Information call: 909-389-3312
Appointments can be made at the front desk of the LRC. Appointments must be made at least one day in advance.