Christopher Walsh - President


Christopher is currently the Student Body President, and Student Trustee at Crafton Hills College. He believes in advocating for students rights, and access to higher education regardless of race, creed, or socioeconomic background. 
Christopher is active in statewide advocacy efforts and wishes to promote unity within the student population by stressing communication, awareness, and visibility. He is working toward a degree in education and politics, and wishes to one day be a college administrator while pursuing an educational based political agenda on the federal level.



Aaron Contreras - Executive Vice President


Aaron Contreras has always been actively involved in extracurricular
activities and last year, decided to join the Student Senate at Crafton Hills College. Last year, Aaron was the Student Senate Senator at Large as well as the President of Phi Beta Lambda; during his time as Senator at Large, Aaron was selected to attend the Senate's trip to Washington DC to help advocate important issues that exist here on campus to our representatives.  This year he hopes to promote unity at Crafton in his role as Vice President of Internal Affairs.



 Kyle Hundley - Vice-President of External Affairs


Kyle J. Hundley is currently the Student Body Vice President of External Affairs at Crafton Hills College. He also helped establish the Crafton Hills Aquatics club and currently holds the position of Vice President.

Kyle is excited to amplify the Student Body's voice and assist the senate in broadening diversity, unity, and awareness across the CHC campus. He is working towards a degree in Psychology and has aspirations to attend law school, and from there extend his political career in order to better our country and society.



Benjamin Starr - Treasurer


This will be Benjamin's third year at Crafton Hills College and he is currently working towards receiving his Associates in Psychology and preparing to transfer.  In these past couple years, he has become a member of Phi Beta Lambda and Alpha Gamma Sigma. Benjamin is joining the student senate to continue volunteering at school events that benefit the students of Crafton Hills College. He hopes to be able to assist the student senate in having an exciting and productive 2011-2012 school year.