Students of Crafton Hills College,

It is my honor to serve you this year as both the Student Senate President, and Student Trustee.

Here at Crafton Hills College, we are surrounded by a changing yet beautiful campus, faculty and administrators that have our best interests at heart, and classmates that will become life-long friends.

As we embark upon another year of ups and downs, I will face every challenge as a new and golden opportunity to grow. The goals I have established this year for my office are: to further bridge the gap between the Student Senate and on campus departments, create a more visible Student Government, and to produce more meaningful, visible results for students.

Advocating on behalf of you, the student to the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees and Legislators alike, it is my priority to never shy away from doing what is right even when it is unpopular.

Ready to face the daunting realities of class cuts, tuition hikes, and loss of services that are extremely important to us as students we must raise our voices and be heard. We must stand for our right to a higher education, and fight for the priority that education so truly deserves.

The time for us is now; we must stand unified in the values of dignity and pride, take every opportunity that comes our way, and truly grow together.




Christopher Walsh