The Health Sciences Club has been formed with the goal of assisting students in successfully achieving their health science associated degree, transfers, and other healthcare related career goals.  The Health Sciences Club will also participate in the drive for better health awareness among students at Crafton Hills College and the surrounding communities.  ALL students are welcome, you do NOT have to be a science major.


Please email officers to be informed of time, date, and location of meeting

Contacts (2014-2015)

Club President: Miguel Gutierrez
Email: mrmiggy1982@gmail.com

Club VP: Jennifer Mikesell
Email: jennifer_mikesell44@yahoo.com


  • Volunteer services (on and off campus)
  • Professional healthcare provider guest speakers Fundraising Field trips Work with all clubs, departments, and organization on campus


Sam Troung, M.D.
Email: struong@craftonhills.edu

Rosemarie Hansen, B.S. 
Email: rhansen@craftonhills.edu