Raju Hedge
Dean of Math, English, Reading and Instructional Support

Prior to joining Crafton Hills College in January of 2011, Mr. Hegde served as Director of Academic and Developmental Support at Grand Rapids Community College. While he has extensive experience in the community college arena as an instructor and administrator, this is his first foray into libraries. (He likes it very much!) In his spare time, Raju likes to spend time with his wife, Beth, two children, Sarah and Lucas, and their dog, Oliver. He also enjoys baking, hiking, and baking while hiking. (He assures us that fresh bread, baked in a Dutch oven and cooked in a fire, is surprisingly good.)

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Catherine Henderson
Public Services Librarian

Catherine is the personification of a lifetime learner. She earned her law degree from Seton Hall University and her M.L.S. from Rutgers University. Catherine has had so many life experiences that they would add up to several lifetimes for other people. You name it, she's done it! You name it, she's been through it!

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Karol McCool
Adjunct Librarian

Karol moved from New Jersey in 2006, and although she misses authentic Jersey pizza, she doesn’t miss the weather. She graduated from Rutgers University with a double BA in History and Communications, and from Drexel University with a MS in Library Science. When she isn’t running around with her 3 kids, she is riding horses, at the gym or having lunch with her friends. Some of her past positions include being a HS and elementary school teacher, a medical librarian, a reference librarian, a realtor, a social worker and a business owner.

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Elizabeth Mealey
Library Technical Assistant II

Elizabeth was born in San Bernardino but grew up on the central coast where she spent her formative years going to concerts and deciding what color to dye her hair next. She moved to San Francisco at 18 to study photography, but decided that although being an artist was cool, getting a regular paycheck each month was even more awesome. So, fast forward 16 years and three public libraries later to CHC, where she has worked since 2007. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Library Science at Drexel University and hopes to become a professional librarian so that one day she can wear a bun and shush people officially.

When she’s not working, going to school or fantasizing about winning the lottery, Elizabeth enjoys petting her cats, Lily and Ruby, knitting, reading, and eating cheese. She is engaged to her fiancé Greg, but has no plans to marry since being engaged is more fun. She lives by the motto "Life is hard, so try to be silly, and remember: karma evens things out eventually."

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Daniel Slota
Adjunct Librarian

Dawn Donaldson
Media Clerk

Dawn Donaldson is a Library Media Clerk. Before arriving at Crafton in August 2012, she previously worked at the San Bernardino Valley College Library for five years. Dawn is the proud parent of a teenage daughter and a sweet little dog named George. In her spare times she loves to read and is an admitted Angry Birds-aholic.

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Laura Winningham

Laura has worked at CHC for 28 years. Before her tenure at Crafton, she was Head of Children’s Services at Glendora Public Library and an adjunct faculty member at Citrus College. Laura graduated from South Pasadena High School and received her B.A. and B.S. in History and Speech from Cal Poly Pomona. She also earned an M.S. in Library Science from U.S.C. (Go Trojans) and an M.A. in Education from Cal State Fullerton. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, going to the movies and eating popcorn, and taking care of her five cats. Laura's greatest loves are her husband, children and her Great Danes, Oden and Zena. She is looking forward to retirement and moving to the family farm on Orcas Island, Washington, "the most beautiful place on earth!"

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