The mission of the Student Success and Support Program (formerly known as Matriculation) at Crafton Hills Crafton Hills College is to provide every student with assistance in determining their educational goals and the necessary support and services to help each student in reaching these goals. The goals of the program are to ensure that students successfully complete their college courses each term, continue with their education into following academic terms and complete their educational goals successfully and on a timely basis. The Student Success and Support Program requires that all students complete the following:

  • Orientation- Orientation provides entering students with a brief overview of college polices, programs and services. Orientation is provided in an online format which is accessible to both incoming students and other interested persons and community members. It is available in English, Spanish and Accessible formats.
  • Assessment - Assessment provides students with guidance on appropriate placement in English and mathematics courses. The goal of Assessment is to ensure that students start at the level of English and mathematics courses that they can successfully complete.
  • Counseling - Every new student will be given the opportunity to meet with a counselor develop their Student Educational Plan (SEP). New students will develop a abbreviated SEP as part of the New Student Advising Process when they enter Crafton Hills College. The abbreviated plan will provide the student with a list of courses that they can take in their first two semesters at CHC. Students will return to counseling in their first or second semester to meet with a counselor to develop their comprehensive SEP. The comprehensive SEP will be based on the educational goal of the student and will outline all the courses necessary for the student to meet their specific goal.
  • Follow-Up – Crafton Hills College is committed to supporting the success of every student at the college. Through programs such as the Early Alert Program and probation staff at Crafton will identify students who are struggling and provide the student with contacts to the resources in the college and the community that can assist.

The Student Success Act of 2012, which provides the legislative guidelines for the creation of the Student Success and Support Program requires that all entering students complete Orientation, Assessment and an SEP in order to receive priority registration. Students who choose not to participate or fail to complete any of these steps will not be allowed to register until “open registration.” For more information and the full report may be viewed on the California Community College Chancellor’s Office website