Assessment Process

Before you begin the assessment process, you must complete the CHC Online Orientation through your student WebAdvisor account.

You must bring valid legal photo ID with you and a pen/pencil to your appointment.

To begin the assessment process:

  1. Start by submitting a new or updated application to attend Spring 2014 semester.

  2. Go to Orientation. Select and complete the "New Student Online Orientation".

    If you complete the Orientation as a GUEST you will NOT receive credit for it.  You must complete it as a student in order to receive credit.

    Remember, there will not be a confirmation to print out at the end of the CHC ONLINE ORIENTATION, there will be a quick survey to complete instead.) 

  3. View the CHC Assessment Calendar and choose a day/time for assessment.  Then, click on the calendar day you choose for more information on CHC Assessment.

  4. Log in to your CHC Student email account and send an appointment request to

    *Please note that we ONLY accept appointment requests from secure CHC student email accounts so that we can discuss your record, if necessary. This is due to the Federal Privacy Act.

  5. You will receive a confirmation email from CHC Assessment to your CHC student email account, when we have verified the following:

    a. Your application status is current or updated
    b. You have completed the CHC Online Orientation
    c. You have no prior assessments
    d. You have not taken any Math or English courses

*Be sure to arrive fully prepared as you will only be able to test once in two (2) years.

Consortium of College Testing Centers Participant: Supporting Distance Learning