Step #1 - Obtain Graduation Application Packet

Students may obtain a Graduation Application Packet from the Admissions and Records Office or download it now by clicking the link below.

Graduation Application Packet (pdf)

Step #2 - Complete all forms in the Graduation Packet

Please be as accurate and complete as possible. Incomplete packets will be returned to the student.

  • Be sure to sign your Graduation Application.

Step #3 - Obtain Course Waivers/Substitutions (If Applicable)

Students applying for graduation must attach verification and/or documentation of any course substitutions granted. Course substitutions are approved at the department and/or division level and must be signed by the department and/or division chair person.

  • You must attach all documentation with your Graduation Application Packet at the time it is submitted.

Step #4 - Submit Graduation Application Packet

Completed application packets are to be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office located in the SSA Building rooms 212 - 213 prior to the application deadline. Please be sure the following items are attached with your packet before submitting the packet:

  • 2-Page Graduation Application (Completed & Signed).
  • All documentation for course substitutions (if applicable).
  • Official Sealed Transcripts from all other colleges/universities attended
    (if not already on file in the Records Office).

Students must complete and submit a separate packet for each degree/certificate being sought.

Congratulations! You have completed the steps to Apply for Graduation

The following is a list of the steps taken by Crafton Hills College to process your application:

  1. Your Application for Graduation along with your records will be evaluated for the program indicated on your application.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to you with the status of your application (i.e. accepted/pending work).
  3. A final evaluation will be done after the end of the term for those students with a pending work/requirements status.
  4. Students that complete all the graduation requirements by the end of the term and pass the final evaluation will be granted degrees/certificates.
  5. Degrees will be posted to the student's transcripts and diplomas will be printed and mailed within 8-weeks after the end of the term.