What is a Preceptor?

  1. Role Model
    • Exemplify the best of your profession/professionalism
    • Good clinical practice – good attitude
    • Safety – wise use of resources – follows P&P
  2. Educator
    • Helps identify learning needs & supportive educational activities
    • Understands and respects different learning styles/rates
    • Facilitates learning by providing information and resources
    • Jointly establishes shift and weekly goals
    • Familiarizes preceptee with P&P/routines
    • Assists in gaining mastery of skills
  3. Facilitator
    • Helps preceptee integrate into the work setting
    • Introduces to team members and personnel from other agencies
    • Explains unwritten rules and social norms
    • Anticipates “reality shock”
  4. Evaluator
    • Evaluates progress of preceptee
    • Provides continuous and constructive feedback
    • Selects experiences to accomplish goals
    • Provides feedback to manager and educator on preceptee
    • Evaluates self as a preceptor