The most significant benefit of becoming part of the College Honors Institute is the opportunity to take advantage of the transfer agreements CHC has with a variety of prestigious universities. As a result of the college’s membership in the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC), students who successfully complete College Honors Institute requirements are eligible for priority admission and scholarship consideration at many public and private four-year institutions.

 Crafton Hills College
Honors Institute Transfer Agreements

Please note that this is a simplified breakdown of HTCC agreements. Admission is contingent on the completion of the honors program and the individual university requirements for acceptance.


 Priority Admission


 Honors to Honors


 Priority Registration

 Universities of California          
 UC Berkeley  Yes        
 UC Irvine  Yes    Yes  Guaranteed  
 California State Universities          
 CSU Fullerton  Yes    Yes    Yes
 CSU Stanislaus    Yes  Yes    
 San Diego State      Yes    
 San Jose State (Engineering)    Yes  Yes  Guaranteed  
 Private Universities          
Azusa Pacific University  Yes  Yes  Yes  Guaranteed  
 Chapman University  Yes Yes       
 La Sierra University  Yes Yes  Yes  Priority  
 Loyola Marymount University  Yes  Yes      
 Mills College  Yes  Yes    Priority  Yes
 Occidental College  Yes      Guaranteed  
 Pitzer College  Yes        
 Pomona College  Yes      Guaranteed  
 University of San Diego      Yes    Yes
 Whitman College  Yes  Yes  Yes  Guaranteed