Title V/HSI Grant Conference Funding Request

Funding Request
Program and Planning Review

The Crafton Hills College Title V Committee supports the use of planning to inform decision-making. Accordingly, the following questions on program planning need to be answered before a request can be considered.

Has your most recent required annual plan or program review (i.e. three-year plan) been completed?
Description of Request

Provide a detailed description of the conference or event. Include a website with supporting documentation (e.g., brochure, announcement, conference literature, etc.) or send an e-mail with supporting documentation.

Conference Start Date
Conference End Date
Alignment with Grant and Benefit to Crafton Hills College

Please explain how the request aligns with the goals and objectives of the Title V Grant, as well as how this activity contributes to the enhancement of the college.

Anticipated Expense
Mileage: calculated @ 0.50 (for district-approved drivers only)
Dissemination of Information

Upon approval of your request, you will be asked to share the benefits of this activity with the college community in some meaningful way. Everyone receiving Title V funding will be asked to meet with the Title V core team to discuss how this might best be accomplished. (The Title V core team meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month @1:30 in LRC 135. If this time doesn't work, we can accommodate others.)