Research Request Form

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Planning and Program Review

The Crafton Hills College Office of Research and Planning supports the use of planning to inform decision-making. Accordingly, the following questions on program planning need to be answered before a request can be considered.

Has your most recent required annual plan or program review (i.e. three-year plan) been completed?
Nature of Request

Please indicate the nature of your research request (check all that apply).

Requested Date of Completion
Please allow at least ten days from today's date to the requested date of completion. The Office of Research & Planning receives a number of requests for research support. Your requested date of completion does not mean that your research request will be completed by this date.
Educational Master Plan Goals

Please identify the Crafton Hills College (CHC) Educational Master Plan (EMP) Goals that best apply to the research request (check all that apply). More information on the CHC EMP Goals can be found at: CHC Educational Master Plan