In order to remove the power feeders to the old Library, the construction crew will be performing an electrical shutdown this Friday, August 5th. The shutdown will only affect the following buildings:

  • Performing Arts Center Building
  • Library
  • CL Building
  • Student Services B
  • Student Services A
  • Cafeteria
  • Child Development Center
  • Maintenance Pad

These buildings will be closed to all occupants during the shutdown.

If you your office is located in any of these buildings, please make sure to shut down your computer and remove any perishables from refrigerators when you go home on Thursday. Auxiliary power will be provided for the Cafeteria refrigerators.

We anticipate the power will be restored by noon on Friday.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please be advised that from today, August 3rd through August 12th, the section of Campus Drive from the entrance of Lot H to the Entrance to Lot I will be closed (see area indicated in green).

  • Access to Lot H will be available from the west entrance of campus.
  • Access to the Aquatics Center will be from the east entrance.
  • By performing the replacement of this section of Campus Drive now, we will lessen the impact during fall semester.
  • Deliveries to the Bookstore should be made through Lot H during this time.
  • Those parking at the Aquatics Center will still have pedestrian access to/from the OE2/Bookstore area
  • This section of Campus Drive will be reopened prior to the start of fall semester along with Parking Lot F, Parking Lot G, and Parking Lot I.